OfferНефтепродукты на экспорт.

В избранное Предложение
Предлагаем поставки нефтепродуктов на экспорт.Сжиженный природный газ.нефть, дизтопливо, керосин и др.
Dear Sirs!

We offer deliveries of oil products from Russia on the following conditions.

Contracts will be concluded directly with Russian oil and gas companies.

In case of your interest, we are ready to provide templates of filling out documents to get started.

!!! (Documents should be provided in Russian and English) !!!

The designation JP – 54 is for products for civil subsonic aviation including diesel fuel, fuel oil and natural gas

The scope of supply is considered in each specific offer

Terms of delivery - CIF (any free foreign port), or FOB Russian ports (Novorossiysk, Primorsk ...)

Form of payment - advance payment (% ratio – during the negotiation process)

Documents for starting work:

- ICPO (requisites of the bank and bank officer are required)

- a document confirming the solvency of the buyer (letter from the bank or others)

- company’s profile.

P.S. After checking (1-2 days) of the company, the buyer:

- receives a response from the seller about the number of the goods and its value, the amount of commission remuneration;

- signs an agency contract;

- receives from the seller draft contract and work begins here.
Сообщение автору объявления
Автор объявления: Игорь Корнилович  
Регион: Россия, ЦФО, Москва и Моск. обл.
Город (нас. пункт): Новокузнецк, Городской округ, г. Новокузнецк
Условия поставки: Самовывоз, По воде
Разделы объявления: Химическая промышленность
Регион публикации: Москва и Моск. обл., СПб и Ленингр. обл., Калининградская обл.
Номер объявления: 1119355
Просмотры: Сегодня: 6, всего: 1008
Дата размещения: Обновлено сегодня в 09:35 (актуально до 15.10.2019)

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